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Jackson Pecan – Solid Pecan

$7,500 $2,795

Beautiful Handmade Solid Pecan with Matte Finish, Very Light Beige Crepe Interior. Mastercrafted in the USA

Item #: COWSPJ


Beautiful Handmade Solid Pecan with Matte Finish, Very Light Beige Crepe Interior. Mastercrafted in the USA

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Weight 270 lbs
Exterior Finish

Interior Color


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  1. admin

    Our family has been busy sending thank you notes to many friends and family….and we wanted to make sure that we did not neglect to send a note to you to express our thanks. We were fortunate to have a couple of weeks to plan our Dad’s funeral. However, it became evident that it was going to cost us more than his life insurance would cover. We decided to check out the Internet for information and costs of ordering the casket ourselves delivered to California. This led us to your website and the decision to give you a call. As you know, we ordered the Platinum We were so pleased and proud when we were able to see it at the funeral home. ….in our estimation, you went more than an extra mile to help us “negotiate” the cost of a traditional service and walked us through the ordering of the casket and working with the local funeral director….all on a weekend! We know you were hoping we would order a casket from you, but you had no guarantee. When all was said and done….we saved approximately $2,500…and did it honestly and with dignity. (We know Dad would have been so proud!) Thank you for working with us until we knew what we wanted. You both made this special and sad time a lot easier. Sincerely, Paula Heibner Schutz Family

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Quality Construction Starts With Experience

All details from basic reinforced casket construction, and hardware to our impeccable finishes are second to none. The result is a core line of metal, wood, and cremation caskets with quality, pricing, and support unheard of in funeral industry today.

Hardwood Caskets


  1. Beautifully finished solid wood with 3 layers of varnish
  2. Exclusive Polyseal TM waterproofing prevents leakage
  3. Finished casket foot end
  4. Extra screws in handles prevent twisting
  5. ½” thick marine grade wood bottom with wood screws every 6 inches prevents warping and twisting
  6. Adjustable frame and mattress
  7. Double reinforced fish tail prevents cracking and warping
  8. Extra heavy hinge

Quality Metal Caskets*


  1. Handles secured by inside reinforced metal strip
  2. Extra screws in handles prevent twisting
  3. Automotive paint finish with 3 layers of clear coat
  4. Double sealed seams with continuous welds
  5. Finished casket foot end
  6. 3 Way adjustable bed with adjustable frame and mattress
  7. 1 Pieces rubber double sealed gasket
  8. Interiors manufactured and installed by trained professionals