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Heritage Copper- Solid Copper Casket

$7,995 $3,495

Item #: HCC32


Casket Features

32 oz. Brushed Copper – Heritage Bronze finish
Almond Velvet Interior in a French Fold Design
Tufted Head Panel
Half Couch
Full Rubber Gasket Seal
Eternal Rest Adjustable Bed
Matching Pillow and Throw
Memory and Record Tube
Square Casket Corners
Locking Mechanism
Continuous Weld Construction Which Completely Seals the Bottom
Swing Bar Handled Hardware
Jewel-tone Accessories
Fits In Standard 30 inch Burial Vaults

How do you tell if a casket is COPPER and not the lower priced 18ga or 20ga steel? Of course this is a COPPER casket and a magnet will not stick to COPPER but a magnet will stick to the lower priced 18ga or 20ga steel. Also the copper has the distinctive shiny penny color.

Casket Dimensions

Exterior width of casket: 28?
Exterior length of casket: 81?
Exterior height of casket: 23 1/4?
Interior width: 24?
Interior length: 79?
Weight: 240 pounds

Quality Construction Starts With Experience

All details from basic reinforced casket construction, and hardware to our impeccable finishes are second to none. The result is a core line of metal, wood, and cremation caskets with quality, pricing, and support unheard of in funeral industry today.

Hardwood Caskets


  1. Beautifully finished solid wood with 3 layers of varnish
  2. Exclusive Polyseal TM waterproofing prevents leakage
  3. Finished casket foot end
  4. Extra screws in handles prevent twisting
  5. ½” thick marine grade wood bottom with wood screws every 6 inches prevents warping and twisting
  6. Adjustable frame and mattress
  7. Double reinforced fish tail prevents cracking and warping
  8. Extra heavy hinge

Quality Metal Caskets*


  1. Handles secured by inside reinforced metal strip
  2. Extra screws in handles prevent twisting
  3. Automotive paint finish with 3 layers of clear coat
  4. Double sealed seams with continuous welds
  5. Finished casket foot end
  6. 3 Way adjustable bed with adjustable frame and mattress
  7. 1 Pieces rubber double sealed gasket
  8. Interiors manufactured and installed by trained professionals