One of the many Quality Caskets

A new trend is afoot in an industry known for its dogged ability to withstand the march of progress: consumers are increasingly shopping online for caskets and funeral products. Customers are learning that caskets found online are the same as those offered in funeral homes, with no compromise in quality materials or craftsmanship, but at substantial cost savings.

Online vendors have overcome the presumption that discount caskets suffer from cheap materials and construction. Many models are 100% crafted in America. Consumers can find the exact same steel caskets online – in 18-gauge standard or 20-gauge value that is 30% thinner but just as sturdy – that are found on showroom floors, only at wholesale prices. Online models can also be accessorized according to faith or customer special request.

In the past, the brick-and-mortar casket and funeral services industry has been the subject of consumer complaints ranging from price gouging to unfair business practices. The industry was cleaned up by passage of the Federal Trade Commission’s “Funeral Rule” but consumers still struggle to find value when buying a casket. Online casket retailers have stepped in to offer lower prices, better quality, and improved service. Today’s consumers who are accustomed to finding better deals online are driving a fundamental shift that looks poised to transform the industry.

About Express Casket:
Express Casket was established in 2010 to provide funeral consumers with high quality casket options and has quickly grown into one of the nation’s leading providers of wholesale caskets. With showrooms & storage facilities in 18 US cities, Express Casket specializes in next-day (or sooner) delivery of the same high quality caskets consumers can find on the showroom floors of funeral homes.

Scott Hofacker
President, Express Casket

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