Buying Caskets Online

Buying Caskets Online

Buying caskets online is our first smart savings suggestion. Funeral homes rely on the lack of planning all grieving families will be faced as a loved one passes away. Funeral homes will use this lack of planning to overcharge on large expense items especially for the cost of a casket.

Buying caskets online

at insures that you will save up to $1,000 on your casket by itself and another $2,000 following our support recommendations.

When a family member passes away, sadness is not the only issue we face during such a difficult time in our life. Funeral services are costly and time consuming to plan. It is often that we find during these stressful times in our life snap choices can lead to uninformed decisions which can cause financial havoc. Overpaying for funeral services is a common mistake for the busy lifestyle we live. We provide the solution starting with your choice of buying caskets online through us. From there we will teach you many things to save money.

Buying a casket online is the first step to overcome this issue. Funeral homes generally target the $6000 range – and then quickly drop down their price once they determine you are poor. They justify doing this by stating they will deduct decorations and limousine rides, and other items which they will itemize for you if want to add it back into the package at cost. One question that many consumers are unwilling to ask: Is buying caskets online less expensive? Are all of these expenses mandatory?

Express Casket wants to help you successfully manage your funeral costs through first buying caskets online instead of at the funeral home. This is the first step but first read our short  planning guide below which summarizes the steps you need to take first:

Planning a Funeral

If any relative has passed away or is ill or elderly and is going to pass away within 10 years, buying a casket online will help you prepare ahead of time and make pressure on your funeral home to give you the lowest price. Itemizing all expenses and preparing your fees will help you save money as well as solve the following fears:

  • Lack of time to compare options – Planning now gives you confidence later as you will already have looked around and found the best quality for the lowest price.
  • Stress Relief and anxiety – Planning ahead removes the stress and anxiousness from your funeral services purchase … this way your choices will not be clouded by any fears.
  • Quality of services – Planning your funeral now will allow you to find the best funeral homes and funeral services to plan everything ahead of the purchase.
  • Burial Location – Pre-planning the cemetery plot is one stress that consumers never take into account and is often rushed which can increase funeral fees.

As a final note, buying a casket online will make that first step in making clear the total fees for your funeral.

Funeral Home Tips

Funeral consumers are protected by the United States Federal Trade Commission’s ‘Funeral Rule‘. This set of guidelines ensures fair trade and protection for consumers – take some time to review the Funeral Rule prior to shopping for funeral services & products.

Some additional tips can help you while dealing with funeral homes. Keeping these tips in mind ensures that you will be able to make decisions fully supported by your rights as a consumer:

  • Be familiar with local funeral & burial laws. Laws vary from state to state – funeral homes must specify any services or expenses required by local laws.
  • Use our General Price List to compare prices between at least two funeral homes.
  • Exercise your right to negotiate – you can often get a better price if you bargain.
  • Let funeral homes know that you are comparison shopping, and ask for an itemized list of fees & expenses.
  • If you are purchasing a casket from Express Casket, do not reveal that to the funeral home until AFTER they have put all of their pricing in writing, including the cost of one of their caskets.
  • The Funeral Rule explicitly states that you do not have to buy into costly funeral packages – purchase only the products & services you want.
  • Do not purchase a ‘Death Insurance Financial Contract’ (or at least take a good hard look at the policy offered). This is often a way for funeral homes or cemeteries to pad their profits by claiming a referral fee from the insurance company. Funeral Rule guidelines do not cover this area.
  • If the costs of the funeral are being covered by insurance benefits, do not reveal this to the funeral home – they will often know the amount covered, and will adjust costs upwards to claim the entire amount.
  • Make certain that all details & billing items are finalized and in writing prior to the funeral home’s receipt of the body – some funeral homes may take this as an opportunity to raise their prices or add fees.

Helpful Tips to Save Money on Funeral Expenses

Keep these tips in mind as you consider your funeral purchases, they will help you avoid unnecessary expenses:

  • Shopping for funeral products & services is no different than shopping for any other big purchase – do not let your emotions override common sense. Easier said than done at a tough time in your life, but remember that spending lavishly on an elaborate casket or over-the-top funeral is not the best measure of your feelings for a loved one.
  • Limit the viewing time to a day or an hour prior to burial – do not pay for an extended viewing.
  • If you eliminate the viewing, you do not need to pay for embalming and other costly body preparation services. If state law requires embalming, the funeral home must disclose that fact in writing.
  • Your loved one’s favorite outfit or suit is perfectly appropriate to use as burial clothing – you do not need to purchase a special outfit.
  • You do not have to purchase a casket from the funeral home. By federal law, funeral homes are obligated to use any funeral supplies that you have purchased elsewhere.
  • Many states allow your church, other religious groups, or family to conduct funeral services – you may not need to pay for a funeral home to conduct them.

Buying Caskets Online

You now have choices available! Having choices means you have the ability to save money and control your funeral costs.

Express Casket supports your buying caskets online, in comfort & privacy and away from the pressure-sales tactics employed by some funeral products vendors. You can take your time browsing the available models, easily compare caskets based on features or price, and even ask trusted family & friends for their opinions.

Express Casket also delivers outstanding prices, often just a fraction of what you might pay at a funeral home. We only sell caskets – we do not inflate prices with a laundry list of additional services or unwanted extras. Our singular focus allows us to offer the very highest quality caskets for bargain prices, making buying caskets online a way to save thousands.

Buying caskets online from Express Casket as is simple as:

  • Shop our extensive listings
  • Choose the casket that is right for your needs
  • Compare your savings versus a purchase from somewhere else
  • Purchase your casket & arrange delivery

We have a huge selection of caskets available, for all budgets & tastes. Express Casket is sure to have what you are looking for: 18- and 20-gauge steel models, genuine hardwoods, veneers, and more.

Customer service is our specialty. We guarantee next-day delivery if needed, and can often accommodate same-day orders (call us for details). We accept several forms of payment for your convenience, and our customer service department never sleeps – we’re on-duty 24-hours a day at [email protected], or call 888-448-4001.

Buying Caskets Online
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Buying Caskets Online
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